We Want to Shoot You You know, with our cameras and stuff

We love shooting people!

We’ve shot hundreds of people and they love getting shot!

If you’ve ever really loved a particular job before, you can relate to the feeling of finding true joy in seeing your finished product for the first time and knowing that you had a hand in making it happen.

Logo - BlackAs a husband and wife team, that moment came for us when we realized we not only loved and chose each other as partners for life, but that we had a common love for photography (what did you think we meant by “shooting people”?) and the incredible impact it can have on someone else’s life!

Photography has become our passion, our drive, and our mission as we strive to use the talents God has blessed us with to bless others! Through a single lens, the door is opened for us to capture those cherished moments in time which our clients have chosen to never forget – be it the moment they pop the question of “Will you marry me?”…to sealing the deal with the first kiss on their wedding day…to watching their newborn baby breathe their first breath in the delivery room.

These are the events that we capture to be cherished for a lifetime.

Over the years we have developed an appreciation and respect for the results that come from our camera. At some point in life, we all have a story that we feel is captivating and we want to be told. Our hope is that we can play a role in bringing your story to life!

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