Minecraft Images from our virtual life


My daughters and I are big Minecraft fans to the point that we even have a server where the three of us play regularly. It’s a great way for us to have fun (we are all gamers) while still spending time together. It’s also been cool to watch them work together to create a common project as well as learn how to think about projects before working on them. If you haven’t played Minecraft, you’d be surprised by how much strategy goes into playing it. It’s also nice when they leave sweet messages for you to find while playing (example: the first picture below).

While editing photos this weekend I wondered what it would look like to apply some of our post processing magic to screenshots from our server. Granted, this isn’t “photography” in the strictest sense, but they are images from our life. And since our site was hacked a few months ago, we decided with the reboot that we were going to have more fun with our posts. Editing and posting Minecraft photos fits right into that.

And last but not least, my daughters loved the pictures!

20151015_Minecraft_001  20151025_Minecraft_004 20151015_Minecraft_00220151025_Minecraft_005 20151025_Minecraft_006 20151025_Minecraft_007 20151025_Minecraft_008 20151025_Minecraft_009 20151025_Minecraft_010 20151025_Minecraft_011 20151025_Minecraft_012 20151025_Minecraft_013 20151025_Minecraft_014

I’ll leave you with this guy. If you play, you know the terror!